Things get weird when you’re not getting enough sleep
Anonymous asked:
Can you please tutor me for chem thanks dudeee!!

I need to tutor myself in chem haha, I can’t stand it

Anonymous asked:
How to become a photographer ? I mean as your full time job, getting paid for it

Dedicate yourself to shooting as much as possible, capture moments, always have a camera with you, network and make the most of every opportunity you get. 

I wish I could tell you more but i’m currently sitting in a room that I’ve been in all day studying chemistry. 


Film burns.
"I look into your eyes
And I think of
Poetry filled lines
And your voice has me on
My tippy toes.
You have no idea what your voice
Does to me.
I felt broken,
Until I met you."
I fall for you every time I see you (via quietvoicesloudwords)

jorden keith X alexis ren